World cup vide in Cape Coast

June 22, 2014

“Oasis beach resort” is best described by its name. After the exciting yet tiring canopywalk we headed to Cape Coast. A six-bed dormitory was waiting for us in Oasis. The resort is located straight on the beach. The big mighty atlantic waves create a mesmerising sound, that is spreading in the atmosphere. The summer resort is consisted of an open air restaurant, which serves both traditional and western dishes, and several accomodations in different styles and shapes. Some were white round huts, with big tribal signs engraved on them. Others were made out of wood and had a small porch with matching wooden stools in the front. Hammocks and picnic tables were completing the idyllic scenery. Cute little puppies were joyfully playing with the customers.

The resort was accomodating mostly volunteers, like us, who were travelling Ghana during their free time. Canadians, Americans, Germans were among the costumers. I honestly hadn’t seen so many “obrunis” gathered in one place in Ghana. The average age was twenties to thirties. The vibe was extra-positive, with a little anticipation in it. You see, that night was a World Cup night and not just any World Cup night, but The Most Important one for Ghana. Germany vs Ghana. The entire country was tuned in the Football match rhythm. Huge posters were advertising the big football event, supporting the Black Stars, Ghana’s national team. Everyone were talking feverously about the good chances of an African team managing a highplace in this World Cup. Even in the trotro a preacher mentioned the hope of Black Stars winning the Cup.

Most of the obrunis were wearing a white T-shirt with African-inspired graphic print inserts on the neck and sleeves. It should be noted that the Ghanian kit is considered to be one of the most fashionable in the World Cup. The Germany fans were also not missing. Even some Ghanians were supporting the European team. Jokes and teasing were increasing as the time approached.

Shortly before the game started we made a walk in Cape Coast. The people seemed happy, although did not have even the basic comforts. Many small roads had been turned into World Cup venues. Neighbours were bringing their chairs together in order to view their team playing against one of the most powerful opponents. On the way back to the hotel, we took a shotcut and crossed the dark beach. We could merely see one another. A strange noise was coming from somewhere near. We discovered astonished that the noise was actually made by two cute pink pigs!

The restaurant now was much altered compared to the serene place we had left an hour ago. Costumers of the hotel and residents of Cape Coast had secured a place in front of the big screen. In every worth-to-mention phase of the game the crowd was both cheering and booing. Go, go, go Black Stars. Each Ghanian Goal was followed by happy Ghanian music. The final score was satisfactory for both teams. It was a draw.

The match succeeded a fun beach party. Some African men impressed us once again with their dancing skills on the raised dancing floor. After a non-stop performation in the party, we withdrew to the beach. Six girls from different parts of the world were chatting gazing at the ocean. Although unsaid, we shared a common comprehension that night. How far were we from our homes!

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