Windsurfer’s diaries

July 31, 2015

A windsurfer sticks out through some simple signs. In order to recognise one, follow the steps below. Firstly, look for a permanent tan (or sunburn for the light complexions), but not around the waist where the harness applies. Secondly, a windsurfer’s touch always feels rough due to the boom grip. Thirdly, there will always be some open wounds, mostly on the legs, that will not heal for years because he/she refuses to stay out of the water for a week. Fourthly, you will never find a windsurfer in a windy day elsewhere than at the beach. 

The most infallible criteria, though, are related to one’s behaviour. A true windsurfer never worries about the future. The plans go as far as tomorrow and they probably concern his/her beloved sport. A little summer breeze excites a windsurfer, even if at the time he/she is strolling in the city center. Sparkling eyes betray the thoughts “Hmm, it is windy!”. Moreover, windsurfers have a cat-dog relationship with kitesurfers. One more thing, ask which is his/her dreamy place. It will definitely be Australia.

Now that I have revealed to you the secrets how to trace us, I should contaminate you with some Windsurfing love. Windsurfing, unlike kitesurfing, has invented an ingenious patience test for its supporters. Hard work and strong spirit are absolutely necessary for a beginner. At first, bruises by the countless falls on the board, muscle pain by the hours of practice, sore hands by the rope drag, dizziness by the sun, might bend your will. At this crucial point, the test succeeds the one that keeps practicing, beyond the undeniable difficulties.

Personally, I still recall my beginner period fearfully. Five years ago, I was practicing every single day for over a month, but was not capable of washing my own hair, because hot water and shampoo were irritating my already painful hands. When I first used the harness and the footstraps, and planed next (or let’s say better behind) the real windsurfers, my haggard spirit raised. When I learned how to waterstart and consequently did not have to worry about ending up at the neighbouring windsurfing school, my happiness was hard to describe.

Half a decade later, I am proud that my old self made the right choice and I get to skim over the Aegean sea, watch the gigantic dazzled sea turtoises in their natural environment and feel utterly free. I will give you one more advice that might sound cliche or even stolen from a sportswear campaign to you, but it helped me a lot when I was nagging about my failures: “Just Do It”..

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