The right dining experience

August 30, 2016

When the numerous tourists left the romantic spots, from where they indulged the world famous Santorini sunset, three girls arrived at Oia with an unprecedented hunger. In search of a restaurant we noticed that Oia is very romantic and elegant, surpassing even Fira in the level of luxury. The various boutiques of high fashion stay open until after midnight in case someone needs to buy a Jimmy Choo shoe at 1 o clock in the night, for example.

The amphitheatrical structure of Oia enables the tourist to peep out at the suites and pools of the exclusive hotels. Doing so, I discerned a cute restaurant that resembled a movie scenery. Discrete lanterns provided subtle light to the dinners on the breathtaking caldera. We rushed to ask for a table, which luckily was available. Firstly we were warned about the hundred steps to the Lycabettus restaurant, but nothing put us off for the ‘right dining experience’, as my Canadian friend rightly articulated. Words are not enough to describe the view of this restaurant. The Caldera spreads in all its grandeur opposite the open air space giving the impression that it is a work of art, a vivid painting.

Despite the immaculate view, in the start I was a little worried for the quantity of the food, since often it is in sample size at gourmet restaurants of this kind. While I was still thinking strategically of which is likely the bigger dish, a Sommelier visited our table informing us about the unique quality of Santorini wine attributed to the volcanic soil. Our order included Nykteri wine, a mix of three different Santorini wines produced in the course of a single day, pork, as my final choice, along with salmon and lamb for my friends. A lot of surprises awaited us before and after our main dishes diluting any fear I had in the beginning. Firstly, the kind waiter offered us a selection of three breads and a still cube of olive oil. Secondly, a stunning combination of bites on volcanic stone contained among others greek salad in liquid form and tiny spinach pie in a cone. Impressed as we were, we received our main dishes which did not let us down. Delicately placed at the dish, the meat was cooked perfectly. Before the dessert, we were offered shots of ice, jam and rosemary to ‘clear out palettes’, as explained by the polite waiter. The chocolate and hazelnut dessert consisted of, allow be to borrow the precise menu description at this point, ‘Crémeux gianduja with light mousse Caraïbe, caramelized hazelnuts,chocolate sponge and praline lime ice cream’. In the end two lollipops with chocolate and mastic and sweet treats in a box completed this unforgettable gastronomic journey.

Lycabettus restaurant literally comes out of dreams. The unique view, the minimal, authentic and elegant decoration, the amazing service and the quality cuisine set up an infatuating experience. Needless to say that we could not leave before sending congratulations to the young and talented chef, Pavlos Kiriakis.

As an epilogue, it is not an overstatement to say that the beauty which I accumulated made me susceptible to love.. Love for the island, the good food, life.

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