The city that (honestly) never sleeps!

July 12, 2015

At nights I felt like the Frank Sinatra side of me needed desperately to sing the legendary “New York, New York”. So I did!  The show, of course, would not be complete without some pirouettes. That is why I was crooning “I wanna wake up in a city that never sleeps..” and dancing simultaneously on the threshold of my friend’s house. In the summer the whole nightlife moves some levels above the ground, to the famous NYC rooftops. Often the bars are located on a hotel rooftop  and offer the most amazing city view. Personally, I could not wait for the sun to drop and the lights of the city to shine!!!

Once we took a yellow cab from China Town and asked the driver to drive us to the rooftop of James hotel. He smiled and answered in a sweet Indian accent “I can only take you to the hotel and then you have to take the lift to get to the Jimmy bar.” Haha! Fair enough. When we actually made it to the 18th floor of the hotel (by the elevator), I was literally mesmerised by the modern miracles that scrape the sky. It felt like I was wearing virtual reality glasses, which transferred me at a Hollywood movie. The view was enhanced by a romantic atmosphere, nice music and a lighted swimming pool. We even made some new friends, who advised us about NYC night life. Apparently, the nice places are the hidden ones, that someone has to show you the way to. So they did pass the information to us about our next nightlife spot in  Meatpacking: Le Bain.

If you happen to speak some french, maybe you wonder right now, why on earth is this place called “the bath”. I presume it owes its name to the hot tub which is in the center of the room, under the disco balls. Due to the good weather that stage was almost empty. The only clients were two couples, one in the tub and another gazing at the city lights. Probably we were at the wrong floor. One level above was the place to be. The view was stunning and the music was great. What’s more there is a kiosk which sells savoury and sweet crepes, aka what else could I ever ask for?


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