Stairway to heaven

August 25, 2015

Did you ever wonder why every ancient greek city and its acropolis is situated at the most privileged locations. The answer is simple: they needed  a clear distant view of the sea and the perils that go with it. Pirates, invaders etc. Nowadays, that the wars do not have the same direct nature, we indulge the remnants of the ancient greek culture along with the endless aegean blue. Lindos is the perfect example of such a magic combination. Let’s wander together at the Acropolis and the scenic little streets.

No matter how hot it is, and I warn you it really is hot in Lindos, you shouldn’t miss the chance to visit the acropolis of Lindos! After a refreshing swim at the beautiful bay of St. Paul, do be brave enough to climb to the cliff in the afternoon and have a panoramic view of the bays and the village with the little white houses. The amphitheatrical architecture of this village and the frugal look of the houses bewilders the traveler, who for a moment might think he/she is in a Cycladic island and not in Rhodes.

At the entrance of the Acropolis, a trireme is sculpted on the marble wall, which states the significant role of the water element on Lindos life. The ancient Lindians were so close related to the sea, sailing and shipmaking, that they actually created the first International Maritime Codex, on which the Roman Law was based.

A stairway to Propylaia really gives you the impression that it leads to heaven, as the only thing that is visible ascending it is the blue sky. At the most prominent spot, there is a small temple devoted to Lindian Athena, which was partially reconstructed in order to simulate the old genuine temple. The Olympian Gods, who have been so much loved by Hollywood, always gave me the creeps because of their inappropriately vindictive attitude. The mortals had to placate them by expensive gifts in order for the land to be prosperous and the population healthy. The same need, though, to be likeable by the Gods, led the Ancient Greeks to exceed themselves in art and architecture!

After the splendid but tiresome visit to the Acropolis, a leisure time on the little pedestrian streets of the village will definitely reward you. Souvenirs, crepes, ice-cream, cold drinks are offered under the illuminated Acropolis at night. No matter how crowded and touristic Rhodes can be during summer, Lindos will always be a getaway for the romantics.. 

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