Royal guests

October 9, 2015

I know what you must be thinking right now. “Poor Greek girl! She was not used at the depressing British weather and look at the results..”. But I can assure you: firstly, the British weather has been nothing but wonderful the last weeks and secondly, I was actually welcomed in a royal residence. If you still doubt me, take a look at the majestic interior and exterior of the Cumberland Lodge.

Before I joined my UK University, I was impressed by the high ranking of student satisfaction it scored. After the first-week-Cumberland-Lodge experience, it all became clear to me. The Institution has put into force its seductive tricks in order to increase the freshers’ satisfaction rate. And I admit that the plan definitely succeeded. We had the opportunity to stay at an amazing seventeenth century building, which is an educational charity and has a most interesting history. A British gentleman narrated it briefly to us. In 1943 Amy Buller wrote “Darkness over Germany”, suggesting that Hitler’s rise is partially attributed to the universities’ and professions’ failure to foresee the detrimental effects of such policies. She had a vision of a place, where academics and students would meet, discuss and deepen their knowledge in their sciences aiming to promote greater social good and maintain peace. The royal family requested to meet this lady and realise her vision through Cumberland Lodge. Each year thousands of students visit Cumberland Lodge and enjoy the high-standard lectures and traditional British delicacies. When it comes to the British dinner served at seven o’clock sharply, I caught myself surprisingly happy with the salmon and spinach pastry.

The common rooms triggered exciting conversations between the Downton Abbey fans, who found many similarities to the series props and the Lodge. As to the private rooms, each one was unique. Different sizes, colours, decoration, furniture. But they were equally pretty. One had a secret spiral staircase leading to the ground floor. Another had a bathtub right in the middle of the bathroom and a comfortable chair nearby. My bedroom was so beautiful that for a minute I believed that I was mistakenly given the keys to the suite. Fortunately, the spacious light blue “dolly” room with the fireplace, secreter and the unrestricted view to the British countryside, would be half-mine for a day. The bathroom though, stole my heart. If someone asked me (I can’t imagine for what reason) to describe the bathroom of my dreams, it would not be any different to that one. Black and white tile, vintage bathtub, paintings on the wall..

On the day of the departure we had a rich English breakfast and went for a nice walk towards Windsor Castle. There was abundant sun and it was Saturday! Meaning the ideal conditions for horse riders, runners and us to indulge the bucolic British scenery.

Dear misses coordinator of the Master,

I have a proposition to make: a second Cumberland Lodge trip around exam period would by all means benefit our psychology and subsequently our exam performance. I was just saying..

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