Oxford Comma

March 10, 2015

An unbelievable sunshine was spreading all over Oxford. It is one of these cute little british towns, where the buildings are so pretty and harmonic that you feel that it must be a movie set. A river and each ever matching bridge fulfils the dreamy scenery. Some ducks are floating on the surface of the water.

My sister had noted down some must-see places. One of these was Carfax Tower, the tallest building of the town on top of a cathedral, that you had to cross the church to approach the entrance. At the time the choir was having its scheduled pre christmas session. Once we had ascended the spiral stairs, we found ourselves in a very narrow balcony facing the incredible panoramic view over Oxford. The decoration of the tower looks a lot like the characters of the movie the Hunchback of Notre Damme.

The most popular asset of Oxford is of course the University! It is the historical institution that major personalities have passed through, such as Steven Hawking, Oscar Wilde, T.S. Elliot, J. Locke, Tolkin etc. The entire town is based on the university and its students. Libraries are everywhere. The silent, almost sacred, gigantic rooms, that accommodate the wisdom of centuries. It is where the knowledge searches for new potent brains to nest and flourish.

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