Our big fat Greek party

July 29, 2014

On Monday we had our day off. That particular Monday we were up early and it was obvious that the Greeks were preparing something under high secrecy. The laptops were on and each girl had undertaken another greek area of interest. History, philosophy, mythology, tourism, cuisine.

The particular presentation had a strict dress code. An ancient greek “chitonas” was the suitable attire. At eight i clock all you could see at our living room was Africans, Asians, Brazilians and Europeans dressed in Ancient greek style using mainly their bed sheets. The atmosphere was genuinly cheerful and everyone was anticipating the presentation and the following party of course.

The presentation was the longest so far. Filo, who had plenty of experience in presentations, was directing the team successfully. From our wall paraded ancient theaters, philosophers, traditional food, Caryatis, islands, greek words.

Thankfully, I had bought last minute an Ouzo from the duty free shops before departing for Ghana. In combination with loukoumi, it was much appreciated from the already excited audience. That was exactly what was needed for starting a sirtaki dance. So, we did embrace each other, made a circle and gradually reached a very quick sirtaki rhytm.

At the end, after approximately two hours, surprisingly noone had left. For the closing we made a game introduced to us by Dimi. It goes like that: Everybody sits on the floor on a round. A skein is thrown from one person to another. The person who receives it ties the thread to his finger and mentions the part of the presentation that he enjoyed or infatuated him the most. Then he throws it again to someone. At the end, the spectacle reminded a lot a spider’s web.

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