On the way to the Big Apple

June 18, 2015

The rhythmic sound of the bonbons unfolding inaugurates our journey to the Big Apple! Till this moment NYC was formed in my mind through the countless movies, that have been filmed there. Sex and the city, Friends and so many others have traveled me in New York’s streets and lifestyle long before I even booked this flight. Let’s see how close to reality they are!

A four hour flight from Athens to London and a seven hour flight from London to NY! The first one passed fast, while the longest was more fun, as stated by the name of the plane: Birthday girl.Virgin atlantic has launched a new modern customer service. The lighting of the cabin is purple and creates a wellcoming atmosphere. Even the always boring safety instructions video was made by such an artistic taste that kept our attention till last minute. It is actually a short animation film with psychedelic elements. On every seat there were blankets, headphones, a bottle of water, and a feel-good kit. Every passenger has his own touch screen and a big selection of movies, series, tracks.  Soon after the take off, menus were distributed and the food was surprisingly nice.

A few american movies and some british stand up comedy’s later, we arrived at our destination! We were at last in New York. A dream came true.. We just had to find our way from Newark airport to Astoria while our phones were both off. That was a mission..

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