May 13, 2017

Part of living abroad is totally losing track of the Greek holidays, although to be fair Facebook is helping a bit. Luckily this week I was meticulous enough, or let’s say bored enough, to even check my Offers’ section of Gmail, only to find that this Sunday is Mother’s day. Instantly I felt ashamed of myself but I quickly attributed it to the fact that in London Mother’s day had already passed, sometime in March. Squeezing my mind to come up with the right surprise I remembered that she asked for a photobook similar to the own I gifted to my sweet grandma. Blimey! Boots does take ages to deliver such personalised gift and does not consider the last minute, absent minded Greek daughters. Only after a while I remembered my poor old blog. And yes it came after Boots..
Mummy please find below some of the reasons you deserve to be celebrated by your four brats this Sunday.

First and foremost, although I cannot recall my sleeplessness for a fact, I should acknowledge that you must have lost quite a few hours of sleep close to the amazing days that each of us came to this world. I do tend to forget this unflattering time that babies make more fuss than you would expect from something of this size. But I guess it is rewarding after all that squeaking and cry is over, isn’t it?

A more vivid memory would be the one that you took us to the theatre every Sunday. The props were so magical, with hundreds of little lights representing the stars, that kept me staring around  before the three bells signified the start of the play. Then the actors dressed in flashy costumes entered the room  from different doors and mingled unexpectedly with the audience, impersonating elves and other unusual creatures. Eleni pictured herself on stage while my dream of an ION chocolate during the break was much more humble .

My childhood memories include numerous trips around Greece. There is hardly any monastery that we haven’t eaten a Loukoumi at and although monasteries, museums and villages would be the constant subject of our complaints we now find ourselves often dragging our friends to archaeological places regardless of weather. We would always make fun of the guides that you studiously carried around and read in loud voice. Eleni now not only searches for travel tips connecting in top notch applications, but also makes her own unique collections of info on “hidden gems” and doesn’t forget to share. The old manual Kodak camera with film whose photos often appeared black in print, may be the reason why Anna feels so comfortable in front of the flash and Dimitris behind it.

I also remember lots of parties, with grandma’s famous meatballs and your own DIY animation. Black shadow puppet theatre with characters of Notre Dame story was my personal, and Marilia’s who nearly brought it down, favourite. When the party was coming to an end we had to unite our forces with all the kid guests and block the door in order to prevent their departure. We were screaming with one voice the ingenious expression “Over my dead body”.

The above picture brought in my mind the colourful dresses that matched each other’s dresses and the hairband. The summery mood reminded me also my desperation over  the sight of the ice cream melting in the pot because of my sore throat in mid August. Moving on to the sickness treatments, I admit how excited I was when you confirmed that a fresh squeezed lemon juice is beneficial for my condition and you added some sugar in the glass.

I can undoubtedly write all night about pictures, smells, flavours, colours, sounds and anything else that comprises the memory of a lifetime so far. I would just find hard to describe the warmest feeling that you have cultivated inside us. The feeling of you being always next to us and making the right call every time. For a million reasons, mentioned or not above, we absolutely love you and we are proud to be taking after your quirky but lovely ways and habits.

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  • Reply Frances Sakellakis May 14, 2017 at 1:30 pm

    What a touching writing Lilly! Your mom is such a beautiful Lady. Inside and outside… I’m very lucky to have such a special friend around me. Happy Mother’s Day to all these unique and lovely mommies out there!

    • Reply lillyant May 14, 2017 at 1:36 pm

      Thank you so much Frances! She is indeed very beautiful. We are both lucky. I hope you and your lovely kids are doing great.

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