Mind the gap

February 6, 2015

In the UK the security issues are first priority. Especially in the underground, that is used everyday by thousands of people, the precaution measures are particularly enhanced in a unique british way. “Mind the gap” is the perfect slogan. Not too big, not too short. It even sounds melodic. Nowadays it’s been stolen by most of the undergrounds of the world, that failed to find something as catchy as the ultimate “mind the gap”.

In Paddington station, there is a mysterious magic line that leads your steps to Hammersmith and City line. The contribution of the yellow and pink line should not be underestimated. When off the Bakerloo line, following the signs, you find yourself in a massive train station. Right at the point when you feel that you are complitely lost and you turn your head to the ground hopelessly, the yellow and pink line appears as a lifesaver on the floor and brings your smile back. The line does not let you alone for a minute. It keeps lightening your way even on the stairs. I wondered whether they were influenced by Harry Potter’s Marauder’s map for that descreet but powerfull line.

With no second thought, the human size stickers, that depict the mark of bodies on the ground, are influenced by the old police tecnique in case of a murder. What is special about them, is the message which accompanies them. Always in a british humor atmosphere, they urge the passengers to not forget their manners.

London underground is seeking new modern ways to stay in fashion, although the oldest tube in the world. To be honest there is nothing more fashionable than the classic London underground . Or maybe there is an at least one competent opponent: the Paris Metropolitain.

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