Love Actually

February 12, 2015

The day that all the flower and the chocolate selling shops have been waiting for has arrived. In London the atmosphere bespokes an erotic Saturday night. The Pubs have prepared their Valentine’s menus, various sweets have been baked in a special festive edition and the stores have decorated their windows with the eternal symbol of love, the heart. At this point I would like to express my childhood confusion about the real shape of this organ. Until not very long ago, I was under the impression that I have a cute little <3 in the middle of my chest. Suddenly, I saw a picture of the bloody, not at all cute, organ and I was very reluctant to believe that this was actually what was ticking inside me and even worse it is not even in the middle of my chest but on the other side of where the tic-toc sounds.

At Notting Hill a lingerie shop had a pretty inspired window, making use of the new movie of the best-selling book, “50 Shades of Grey“. It would honestly fit much better at a different kind of shop, a kinkier one, given the fact that in the movie the underwear plays a minor role compared to the Christian Grey’s collection of erotic gadgets. I was just throwing an idea..

I have come to the conclusion that Valentine’s day is not particularly devoted to the people in love. The business acumen of the club owners has reserved the single people the right to not hide in their single apartment and cry over their singleness until the day is over. The Anti-Valentine’s parties are filling specifically that gap. Whatever you do this Valentine’s day make sure you do it with love 😉

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