Little Bohemia in New York

July 30, 2015

The place that rightfully stole our hearts was the Greenwich Village. My sis was so infatuated by the stylish, bohemian streets, that she was asking to visit them every day. Luckily many places of interest were close to the area, so we hit a little of Village quite often.

Right when we emerged from the underground, I felt that there was something different about this place. Everyone seemed happy, free, hippish. Washington square is the center of the artistic area, that gives a representative first impression of the Village vibes. Musicians and dancers were performing live on the square. Motivational quotes were written on the ground by chalk. Stories of the eager bystanders were hanging on a string.

The streets were also absolutely wonderful and had a distinctive bohemian flair. Every now and then a NYU sign informed us about another university building that fosters great scientific minds. My juvenile dream of studying and living in New York woke up from years of Athens student life hibernation. 

The shops had this vintage quality, which mysteriously oozes nothing but a fresh modern air. I was tempted to go into Stumptown Coffe Roasters, even I do not drink coffee.

As a true cupcake lover, I could not help but visiting twice the first ever Magnolia Bakery  that opened in West Village twenty years ago. It is a small patisserie only for take away and the decoration is authentic and simple. A clipping is suspended on the wall, showing Carrie and Miranda indulging the famous cupcakes. That is more than enough advertisement. 

Another famous trivium, much appreciated by the Sex and the City fans, is that Carrie’s house was actually located on 66 Perry and Bleecker Str in West Village. The streets around Bleecker Streetwhich is full of fashionable boutiques, are exactly how a Sex and the City lover has visioned NYC. Stairs leading to cute small maisonettes, surrounded by a refined fence and decorated with flowers.

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