First stop Cairo

June 10, 2014

And my journey to unknown Africa finally began. From the European Airport Eleftherios Venizelos I find myself in another continent! It’s Africa baby! When I realize in the airplane that I have passed the borders from Europe to the neighboring continent I smile to myself. I’m thinking that I have let the years pass without having notable adventurous vacations. I’m 24 and I have just gone out of the old Continent. But next minute I’m feeling kind of arrogant at the thought that some people have never even visited another country or even swum in the sea.

First time in my life I feel so different to the other passengers of the plane. The Greeks were scarce and most of the people aboard were Egyptians. In the airport I experienced a little cultural shock as there were women all covered up by black garments while only the eyes were uncovered. I will never understand why those women were doomed to live a life unseen. Their nude sad eyes were following me probably thinking the same thing. How would it feel if things went upside down and their husbands were the ones to be all wrapped up?

In the meantime, while awaiting for my transit flight to Accra I decided to melt my shoes a little bit..

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