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A few of my favourite things about Innsbruck

April 15, 2015

My first home abroad was an one bedroom flat at the end of a dead end in Innsbruck. At L√∂fflerweg str.! When I arrived at the lovely cute Austrian city and saw the apartment, it was late at night and dark. I became seriously worried due to the distance from the center, the steepness of the road and its remote position. In the morning, everything seemed much better, as it often happens. The distance was not so big after all. Just a 15 minute walk through an aristocratic neighbourhood. The abrupt street to the house was just a nice way to keep fit. The position was quiet and offered an amazing view. Continue Reading…


The bridge over the Inn

April 11, 2015

In my last year of legal studies I needed badly to try life abroad. Hence, Erasmus exchange Program was the answer for both continuing my studies and get to know a new European city. The list was out on January of 2011: UK, France, Germany, Italy and so on. Hmm. Continue Reading…