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Small Paris

November 6, 2016

‘Not sure if there is WIFI in Tilos’. ‘Just to be on the safe side, eat an ice cream in Rhodes. You never know if there is snickers-flavoured ice cream in the island’. And when we were just about to board the boat, my friend timidly asked me about bank machine; both I and my sister gave her an enigmatic look. Our bad jokes notwithstanding, Georgette’s cheerful mood for her first visit in Tilos was vivid. She was prepared for the most primitive and far from civilisation and amenities vacation. Luckily reality was much better than the picture I and Anna drew for our forefathers’ island, but still not very close to the name given by my uncle: ‘small Paris’. Continue Reading…


Sapphire folklore stories

December 6, 2015

The old documentary was being played once more on the Sea Star’s outdated screens. Some words about mythology and the origin of the name Tilos. Some snapshots of the island’s peaceful life and the traditional feasts. Some touristic information about the dwarf elephants and Saint Panteleimon monastery. I was watching mechanically the video, while I discerned a familiar figure. My grandfather was sitting on a plain wooden stool and was fishing at the crystal clear water with a straw hat and his distinctive thick moustache. My thoughts traveled at my grandfather, who had six children, my father included, and adored the sea. My anticipation grew bigger and I wished Sea Star arrived at the destination faster. Continue Reading…