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The way to my new, big, loud home

June 11, 2014

In the morning, after the 7-hour flight from Cairo to Accra (Ghana’s capital city), I finally set my foot on Kokota International Airport. It was raining at that time. Needless to say I was super excited as my adventure had just started! Continue Reading…


Getting ready!

June 5, 2014

My dear friends, i should break it to you: no matter how we would like to think of a journey to Africa as a spontaneous decision, it requires a serious planning at a decent time frame. Even if you belong to the people, who don’t worry much for the “details”, you will be “harassed” by the countless questions of your close environment so much, that you would like to start planning only to get rid of those annoying (but at the same time somehow significant) questions. Continue Reading…