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West African fashion

September 28, 2014

The perspective of African Fashion I had before I ever saw an African woman in a traditional clothing, was a total distortion of reality. In my mind animal print, wooden accessories, white light shirts and khaki shorts constituted the African style. In Ghana though you will barely see someone dressed in these, while the white clothes are easily getting stained by the mud. Continue Reading…


Good reads about Africa

September 6, 2014

Personally, I love books. I love to enter a bookstore and head to the department that is hiding all the wisdom of the knowledge area that I am currently exploring. I love to open my new books for the first time and slightly fold the rigid pages. I love to be carried away by the unexplored worlds, which are inaugurated via my books. Continue Reading…


Our big fat Greek party

July 29, 2014

On Monday we had our day off. That particular Monday we were up early and it was obvious that the Greeks were preparing something under high secrecy. The laptops were on and each girl had undertaken another greek area of interest. History, philosophy, mythology, tourism, cuisine. Continue Reading…


A day at the beach

June 16, 2014

Sunday is dedicated to God in Ghana, like everywhere else in the world. Unlike most of the Europeans though, the majority of ghanian citizens are religious and attend the church every Sunday, in their most impressive outfit. Christianism prevails among religions, while Muslims also coexist peacefully with the former ( . The churches are plenty and have smaller or bigger differences in beliefs. Presvyterian, Pentacostal, catholic, protestants. Continue Reading…