As British as you can get

February 12, 2015

The British are known for their devotion to certain things they love. Walking on the streets of London I made a list about some of those tremendously British things.

1. The red telephone box, regardless the spread of the cell phones, is still decorating the UK streets. I could not actually picture London without the cute red boxes, which nowadays serve mostly photographic purposes.

2. The identical houses with the red bricks, that are stuck to each other remind me vividly the magic residence of Harry Potter’s godfather at the Number 12 Grimmauld Place. This house was invisible to the neighbourhood residents and had the magical ability to appear only to the selected wizard ones, pushing its way between the numbers 11 and 13. The muggle owners of the following houses put their own personal details. For instance, they give different colours to the doors, or they place discreet flower pots on the threshold.

3. I wonder which is the amount of tea, that is anually consumed in the UK. I dare to guess pretty big. The traditional English tea is served with milk and a cube of sugar. Some tea shops offer afternoon tea, which is pretty impressive next to the tiered cake stand. That three floor stand carries sandwiches, scones and cakes. While in Britain we payed a visit to the cute Camellia Tea house and tasted an amazing caramel salted cake and a red velvet. The cookies and cupcakes are also a British favourite habit, which makes a perfect match with the tea.


4. The Pub is another British love. Every Thursday the schedule includes drinks at the pub right after work. There are many kinds of Pubs. First comes the traditional one, that is usually located in a neighbourhood, and despite the bad microwaved food has became a venue. The decoration is rather minimal and darts are hanging on the walls. It is more than likely that a pool is on display and pool tournaments are taking place between friends and neighbours. The aroma of the place brings inevitably coherence to Beer. This kind of Pub mainly has male frequenters. On the other hand, there is another species of Pub a lot more posh and refined. It offers a larger range of traditional english delicacies and I would describe it more like a Bar- Restaurant, except its architecture and the fact that it has a funny name as all Pubs do. The Queen’s Head, the Idle Cook, Bucket of Blood, the Swan, the Mad Dog, Dirty Dick’s and the list goes on and on. A useful tip is that most of the times there is no service at the tables, but you should order at the bar.

5. Fish and Chips has worthily earned a place on my list. It seems that when it comes to that chapter me and my sister were incredibly lucky, or the opposite (it depends on the point of view). She happened to live right above the most renowned Fish and Chip’s of London: Mike’s fish bar. In Mike’s portion the chips are forming a pile and are wrapped on a greaseproof paper. Even for me it is almost impossible to manage one portion on my own. The cod is covered by a thin crust of breadcrumbs and it tastes literally nothing like the captain Iglo’s fish sticks.

It is honestly hard to put a full stop, as the list could be much more extended than this. The double decker buses, the english breakfast, the driving at the left (aka wrong) side of the road, the strange habit of giving brands different names ( Opel-Vauxhall, Axe-Lynx), the bizarre beach houses, the stand up comedians, would all worth to mention. But then again I would spoil entirely the mystery of England.

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