Fight for street art in NYC

July 17, 2015

New York is not all about perfect skyscrapers in art deco, gothic or international style. The NYC street art would impress even the most indifferent types. We saw Andy Warhol and Basquiat fighting for street art in Williamsburg. We passed over Einstein demonstrating for Love in High Line. A grumpy baby Hulk and the Lady Liberty  in  pop art style made our heads turn in Little Italy.

Cartoons, symbols, celebrities and statements, painted on building facades, remind you that you walk where Art is flourishing, where Art is welcome at any form. Take Liberty of expression, add some street art and this is what you’ve got.

Baby Hulk by Ron English, Mulberry Str. Little Italy

Lady Liberty by Tristan Eaton, Mulberry Str. Little Italy

Protester Albert Einstein, High Line Meatpacking

lyrics from “Save the Children” by Joey Bada$$

Mural in Williamsburg inspired by Notorius Big’s song : Brooklyn we go hard

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