An ugly piece of junk… not

July 19, 2015

High Line is one of the favourite Instagram locations for the famous bloggers. When I followed their example and visited the spot in Meatpacking, I felt why. This linear park is built on an elevated section of a disused NYC Central Railroad and makes the most of its position. It is the place where nature, architecture, art, and New York city views have gathered all their forces to create just another reason to fall in love with the City.

The once notorious meatpacking neighbourhood of Chelsea has become the hippest area of NY, with numerous art galleries, boutiques, clubs and restaurants. High Line is one of the most beautiful gems of Meatpacking and a perfect observatory spot of whatever is going on around it. You can even take a distant look at the Statue of Liberty and Hoboken over Hudson river.

People of New York stroll in High Line all year around enjoying the unique plants, the comfortable benches and the artworks. A shallow fountain mimics the natural spring and is the perfect treat for a hot summer day. We were also tempted by the red velvet sandwich ice cream by Melt bakery and did try it. The organisation was unlike anything else in New York. Maps, souvenirs, tours, meditation classes, children activities, art performances distinguish High Line from the regular parks.

Works of art are displayed across the old railroad for only one year. Then new ones take their place, in order to both give the chance to new artists to share their talent and to offer new artistic stimuli to the visitors. Even the neighbours feel the need to contribute to the artistic flair of the High Line and decorate the walls of their houses accordingly. 

Nothing of the above would have existed, if the voices of the park’s polemicists prevailed. It took a lot of imagination, voluntary work, fundraising and love for this architectural achievement to come into life and I am super happy for it. Keep up the good work, Friends of the High Line!

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