A touch of spice

October 3, 2015

Having visited Rhodes countless times, my sister and I decided to travel a little further from the comfort of the beautiful island of the Knights. And by little further, I mean just two hours away by the ferry, which are enough not only to leave the Island, but also the continent. We packed our not-so-weekend-sized bags and headed to exotic Fethiye in Turkey!

Last year’s trip to Marmaris had prepared us about what to expect from the Turkish summer resorts. Luxury in low prices, strong new flavours, vivid colourful markets and welcoming atmosphere. Fethiye did not let us down. It was everything we dreamt of and something more. Our boutique Tiryaki hotel, was situated at Calis beach, a quarter away from the center of Fethiye. Do not worry about transportation though, as firstly the taxis are not expensive and secondly the public transportation, where mainly vans are used, is very convenient and frequent. The hotel offered spa facilities and a massage catalogue so compelling that I had trouble selecting one therapy. In the end I went for the aromatherapy and the Turkish bath.  The latter is the traditional turkish massage and included: sauna, massage and scrub. Needless to say that after each session I felt light as a feather and unbelievably relaxed. How I miss those treatments now!

Unwillingly we left the hotel and rode the van to the center. Our destination was none else but the market! All kinds and flavours of turkish delights, rare spices, handcrafted carpets, oriental jewels and clothes created a beautiful market for us to explore. Even the weather was boiling hot, you could see people enjoying their hot black turkish tea. It did not take long until they offered some to us. Delicious!

Our curiosity led us past the port to a quiet marina. You could alternatively call it …Paradise! It hosted yachts of different sizes and ages. Some had sails, others not, but every one of them was beautiful. After a short relaxing walk we saw a luxurious resort, whose clients were either doing yoga on a dock or indulging the serenity of the marina at an outdoor bar. Fatigued as we were, we placed our shopping bags on the bar’s bench and just relaxed for a while. Ducks were walking casually on the loan, the parrots of the hotel were having interesting conversations in a British accent and life was passing in a carefree way..

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