A hidden paradise

February 17, 2019

When it comes to summer holidays the competition narrows down significantly. My actual dilemma is which one of the Greek islands should I visit this year? I googled Paxoi and the dilemma was over soon. It is a tiny green island about an hour and a half from aristocratic Corfu, that astonishes even the most demanding travelers by its crystal clear blue water.
The yacht life dominates the island. It feels like the population on the various boats outweighs significantly the one in the land. After dinner you would see small boats departing from the cute scenic ports of the villages to the impressive yachts parked in the deeper sea. The island has three main villages, Gaios, Loggos and Lakka. They are all placed by the sea and offer romantic spots to enjoy your dinner, cocktail or -why not?- a crepe. Opposite Gaios, the main village, there is a green piece of land creating a charming water path for the yachts.
Summer equals beach for me. Paxi, a member of the Ionian islands, offers some of the most blue and clean waters that I have ever swum in. Erimitis beach is playing hard to get. An uneven and narrow path leads to the majestic beach with a domineering view of the steep cliffs. The seagulls have spotted the unique location and enjoy the view with a look of self satisfaction. 
After swimming at the light blue waters, Erimitis bar restaurant is a must do for sunset lovers. The cocktails (and mocktails) are equivalent to the view … exquisite.
And when the charm of the island has persuaded you that there is no other place with even remotely as beautiful waters as Paxi, a short trip to neighbouring  Antipaxi will make you reestablish your statement. After arriving at the beautiful beach … we wondered what is on the other side of the island. Compared to London with the signs and magnified voices that always remind you how to walk, to drink water, to be careful when the bus is moving, this island invites you to explore it free of directions and warnings. While making exactly this comparison, we discern a sunburnt British gentleman in his bathing suit with a clear Oxford accent coming from the other direction of the path. When we asked if this as the right way to the other beach of the island, he gave us truly detailed instructions including the distance in yards, the need to turn 90 degrees with accompanied demonstration of the turn and the potential of the beach name’s starting with ‘V’. Vvvvoutoumi it is! I would go back in a heartbeat.

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