A donkey on ice skates

August 31, 2015

No, I haven’t lost my mind. I really saw a donkey on ice skates at -6 degrees in the middle of the summer in Lindos.. I also saw a bear and some penguins. Still unconvinced? Check it out yourself!

Okay, it might not be a real donkey, but one craved on ice.. It was equally cool though. I visited the Lindos ice bar for the first time this year during a hot one day trip in Lindos. It was the perfect ending of this journey.. At -6 degrees. The ticket is 12 euros for both entrance and a drink, while there are different deals also available, which combine drinks with souvenirs. The bar looks like a huge freezer. In order to enter it you open a heavy door and instantly you feel a frozen breeze to penetrate your body. At the lobby they provide gloves and a thick poncho with a hoodie. You can also rent a pair of socks for 1,50 euros. We did it the hardcore way 😉 Barefoot..

Everything is made by ice. Literally everything. Frozen bar, frozen table, frozen thrones, even frozen glasses. The theme of the sculptures which decorate the ice bar is inspired on the one side by the greek lindian history and on the other side by life in Antarctic. Quite a nice combination. You have penguins holding the bar, bears walking on ice, a donkey and a bear opening their arms to embrace you, the Acropolis of Lindos engraved on the wall, a branch of olive tree captivated in a huge ice cube, an ancient greek style sculpture, a ship-shaped table and of course a mini church.

In the meantime, we asked the British “freezing” barman some questions that were bothering us. He answered in a polite british manner. This is what we found out: Lindos Ice bar is the only one in Greece. The theme alters every three years and next April the donkeys and bears will give their place to new frozen characters. This time the icy works of art were attributed to a Polish team called Ice Art. They have taken precautions against the power cut and have enough energy in order for the beautiful sculptures not to melt in one of the frequent Rhodes power cuts. The icy glasses are only used once. The cute barman comes from Winchester ;-P

The maximum time you can spend in this unique bar is half an hour and trust me it is more than enough. Most of the visitors took some hasty photos and left the freezer- sorry bar- in less than ten minutes. We kept busy dancing, drinking and taking photos for 25 minutes. If the donkey can do it, so do I!

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