A hidden paradise

February 17, 2019

When it comes to summer holidays the competition narrows down significantly. My actual dilemma is which one of the Greek islands should I visit this year? I googled Paxoi and the dilemma was over soon. It is a tiny green island about an hour and a half from aristocratic Corfu, that astonishes even the most demanding travelers by its crystal clear blue water. Continue Reading…


Cirque de la quirk

June 29, 2017

June in London. The shops had long started advertising the festival wear, but the cloudy indecisive weather did not remind much of a summer. An email appeared in my inbox bearing the title “Isle of Wight Festival” unexpectedly. To my big surprise, our marketing manager offered all members of the team VIP tickets to one of the most popular music festivals in the UK. A great opportunity to taste the real British summer, I thought to myself. Continue Reading…



May 13, 2017

Part of living abroad is totally losing track of the Greek holidays, although to be fair Facebook is helping a bit. Luckily this week I was meticulous enough, or let’s say bored enough, to even check my Offers’ section of Gmail, only to find that this Sunday is Mother’s day. Instantly I felt ashamed of myself but I quickly attributed it to the fact that in London Mother’s day had already passed, sometime in March. Squeezing my mind to come up with the right surprise I remembered that she asked for a photobook similar to the own I gifted to my sweet grandma. Blimey! Boots does take ages to deliver such personalised gift and does not consider the last minute, absent minded Greek daughters. Only after a while I remembered my poor old blog. And yes it came after Boots..
Mummy please find below some of the reasons you deserve to be celebrated by your four brats this Sunday. Continue Reading…


A Jane Austen kind of city

January 14, 2017

For a fervent reader of Jane Austen novels, Bath feels like a familiar place. Although the talented British writer detested the pretentiousness of the Bath crowd,  the place is haunted by characters of her novels, strolling in the spacious squares with their lace bonnets. Continue Reading…


Small Paris

November 6, 2016

‘Not sure if there is WIFI in Tilos’. ‘Just to be on the safe side, eat an ice cream in Rhodes. You never know if there is snickers-flavoured ice cream in the island’. And when we were just about to board the boat, my friend timidly asked me about bank machine; both I and my sister gave her an enigmatic look. Our bad jokes notwithstanding, Georgette’s cheerful mood for her first visit in Tilos was vivid. She was prepared for the most primitive and far from civilisation and amenities vacation. Luckily reality was much better than the picture I and Anna drew for our forefathers’ island, but still not very close to the name given by my uncle: ‘small Paris’. Continue Reading…